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Social Media Optimization and Marketing

A new era of social networks has arrived. Millions of people spend hours on their smartphone or PC. These are your potential customers. There is nothing easier to start advertising and it will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people according to your criteria. We at Smart Click every day are learning new features and options on Facebook and Instagram. These two social media platforms are very famous in Dubai and UAE.

Get Leads from Facebook and Instagram

We follow three main thinks when we set up any campaign on Facebook or Instagram:

  1. Unique Selling Point
  2. Target Pages and Banners or Video
  3. Relevant Audience

We need to understand the needs of our customers and create the unique offer which we will like as well. It is very important to ask your clients and provide them the best.

After that, a professional designer or video maker should create a very simple and very clear banner or video explainer. Because social media users spend a maximum of 3 seconds for 1 post. For this time you need to explain your advertising.

If you use a traffic campaign, your web page also should be very clear and fast. Don't forget to add contact details, form or WhatsApp button.

We know how to get leads from Social Media and have 10+ years of experience. Just contact us and enjoy business growth.

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